Guy Attempts To Cash $368 Billion Check

A Jacksonville, FL man walked into a bank and attempted to cash a check for $368 Billion. Yes, that’s BILLION with a B. There are 9 0’s i Billion and surprisingly they didn’t cash it.

So where did he get the blank check? He bought it from a homeless guy named Tito of course. Isn’t that where everybody gets their checks from? Tito sold it to him for $100 and told him he could cash it for any amount he wanted. So $368 billion was the obvious answer. I mean you don’t want to go too low or too high. That’s a nice round number.

Oh, by the way….if you’re curious, he wanted to open up an Italian restaurant and police searched him and found bath salts and Chinese throwing stars. Coincidentally this is the same thing as I have in my pockets right now PLUS 60 cents in nickels and a half eaten box of orange tic tacs.

(Here’s Jeff’s mugshot and check. In his defense maybe he’s just tired.)

Jacksonville Sheriff's Dept.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Dept.


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