Matthew McConaughey Is Getting PAID To Speak At UH Commencement

Author: Lauren Kelly

Well now this is gonna be an alright alright alright paycheck for Matthew McConaughey!

This Friday, our very own Texas native will be giving the Commencement Speech at UH‘s graduation ceremony, and you can bet it’s costing them a pretty penny.

According to the Houston Chronicle, UH will pay $9,500 for a private jet for the actor, who will deliver the school’s first university-wide commencement speech at the new TDECU stadium.

The cost is on top of the $135,000 UH will pay McConaughey, who will donate $130,000 of the fee to his Just Keep Livin Foundation, according to the full contract for the speaking engagement. The remaining $5,000 is considered an “expenses buyout” in the contract and will cover any additional costs, such as “meals, incidentals, groomer.”

Hey, some things are worth the high price…and HE is one of them! 😉

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