Train’s Pat Monahan on His ‘Modest’ Image, Social Media Trolls & Steven Tyler’s Country Album

By Brian Ives

Train is a band that is almost without an image, so it was funny that before starting this interview, frontman Pat Monahan and I were discussing different aspects of the hottest and most image-heavy band in the world: KISS.

Specifically, we were comparing notes over our respective interviews with frontman Paul Stanley. I’ve interviewed Stanley for a number of times, while Monahan explained that he’d spoken to him on an episode of his “Patcast” podcast.

Monahan turns out to be as good of an interviewee as he is an interviewer, which was also interesting, as—by his own admission—millions of people know his songs, but a good percentage of them don’t know who Train is. And he seems OK with that.

~ Train is going on tour with the Fray and Matt Nathanson this summer. In your recent Reddit AMA, a fan asked if you had any pranks planned, and you said, “Who’s Matt Nathanson?” So, I guess the pranks have started. 

Pat Monahan: Matt and I have been friends for 20 years, so I’m allowed to say that. I think! Maybe I’m not. I’ll find out when we start the tour, he’ll be like, “Dude!” But I really love Matt, he’s a friend of mine. And I don’t really have a lot of friends in the music business, there’s a lot of competition. But with Matt, I’m always rooting for him. And the Fray, I’ve known those guys for a long time. I know that people coming to see us are going to love both of those acts.

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