[VIDEO] Watch The Most Epic Graduation Walk Fall EVER!

I’m gonna have to answer for this one when I go to the beyond, because I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THIS!! #sorrynotsorry

Now, we’ve all had our not so shining moments perched atop super pretty shoes that served no practical function what-so-ever…other than being SUPER CUTE! And it sometimes it ended with us looking not-so-cute with our A’s sprawled across the asphalt, that’s where this girl’s story starts…

The set-up: The Mansfield High School graduation ceremony held recently in Mansfield, TX, a new graduate proudly walking away from the stage after receiving her diploma…or TRYING to at least.

Her shoes. Aw lawd, bless her heart with those shoes.

It was clandestine recipe for something to go horribly wrong…

And, by the power of 6-inch wedges, it did.

Her fall had it all; the awkward walk build up, the teetering of the initial trip, the wobble of an almost save…that then spirals out of control! At one point, it looked like she was straight up walking on the sides of her ankles!! And then, the inevitable fall from not-so-much-grace.


Rule of thumb to the little ladies embarking into the world of stacked toes and sky-high stilettos: Put them on and sprint from one end of the driveway to another, if you don’t eat it, you’re probably safe.

– Sarah E!

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