#houstonflood2015 PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Last night, at around 9pm…the Heavens opened up and fell out on the H.

For over six hours, a slow moving massive weather event hammered down on Houston leaving parts of our city submerged in flood waters not seen since the likes of Allison or Ike.

Houstonians across all areas found themselves stranded; in cars, on streets, in businesses, even the Toyota Center was forced into lockdown, preventing the audiences (including our own Lauren!) of the Rockets Game 4 from leaving.

My street is in one of the higher areas of our neighborhood, near Meyerland, and was a veritable lake by midnight…as for the lower areas? Fughetabboutit!

Lots of incredible images and video came out of the #houstonflood of 2015, here’s just a glimpse of the outgushing…

We certainly hope that all of our listeners made it through the deluge with as little damage as possible!

– Sarah E!

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