Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re stumped on what to get the guy, here’s a list of gifts from the heart (budget friendly) and gifts from the wallet, though I’m sure those are given lovingly as well, they’re just not as budget friendly.

Gifts From The Heart:

These are the gifts that say, “Dad, I appreciate you and while I didn’t spend much on this gift, it comes straight from my heart.”

1.Relax Dad Basket: Basket, Beer (maybe use the beer carrier AS the basket,) Favorite snack, TV remote, Card you made him.

-pick out his favorite beer and snacks and let him have some precious TV time where you don’t interrupt or make him change the channel to Rom-Coms.

2. Picture collage of his favorite people

-Print out pictures of yourself and the rest of your family (dog and cat are included,) cut and paste them into a shape of your liking and frame it! This can even be done digitally and then posted to his Facebook wall with a super nice message.

3. Make him lunch/breakfast

-Quickest way to get on my dad’s good list (especially helpful after being on the bad list,) is to surprise him with food. “Leaving for work? Wait! I made you lunch, take this with you!”


Gifts From The Wallet:


These gifts say, “Dad, I saw this and knew you’d love it so I just had to buy it.”


1. MAGLITE S3D016 Heavy-Duty 3-D Cell Flashlight, $20 Amazon

-Dads always love a good flashlight!

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

2. Identity Theft Protecting Wallet, $40

-The Made in Maine Rogue Wallet is made with RFID-blocking WalletGuard to prevent him from becoming a victim of remote hacking witch is becoming increasingly common.

Photo Credit: Rogue Industries.com

Photo Credit: Rogue Industries.com

3.Dollar Shave Club, Price Varies 

-He gets a monthly subscription to your choice of a single shaver/blade. Dollar Shave Club lets you choose the package he gets. Theres also an EGift option where you select an amount from $30-$120.

Photo Credit: Dollar Shave Club.com

Photo Credit: Dollar Shave Club.com


Overall–and most importantly, don’t forget to thank Dad for all the special moments you’ve shared together.



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