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A white man went into a Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina last night and shot and killed nine people during a bible study class.  The shooting is being investigated as a hate crime because the church is historically African American.  The shooter hasn’t been identified yet, and is still on the loose.

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Today, Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew will officially announce that a redesign of the $10 will feature the first woman in more than a century.

Bye-bye Alexander Hamilton…hello woman.

The plan is to decide which woman sometime this summer.

The bill will have new security features and will be unveiled in 2020.

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Malcolm Milones was pumping gas in Atlanta when a teen jumped in the car and tried to drive off with Milones 8-year-old son in the backseat.  Milones didnt have time to think and simply reacted jumping onto the SUV while screaming at the carjacker that his son was in the car.

The thief ignored Milones pleas and only sped up causing Milones to cling to the car for a quarter-mile before falling and breaking his arm.  Milones son, Rashaan took his father cue and jumped out of the car when the carjacker was distracted by his father’s fall.

Rashaan wasn’t hurt and the police are still searching for the SUV and the car thief.

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