‘Ghostbusters III’ First Pics and SPOILER!

Back in January, we received the ecto-awesome news that a Ghostbusters remake was coming  to theaters with not only an all female cast, but an all female cast that included Kristin Wiig and Melissa McCarthy!!

Those ladies have been busy filming the third installment in Boston and E! News has gotten it’s hands on the first still images from the set!

Click Here, Here and Here to see Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Kat McKinnon on the set of ‘Ghostbusters III’.

Information on the new GB3 movie is being closely guarded, but The Boston Herald somehow got some inside insight into a bit of the movies plot.

They report that Wiig reunites with her ghost-busting buddies after she is shamed out of her Columbia University teaching position because of a book she published with McCarthy’s character on the existence of ghosts. Giga meters spike off the charts when ghosts begin to attack New York and who are they gonna call? The Ghost busting gals to come in and clean up the slime of course!

Wait…whaaaa? SLIME? Yes, that is correct, because SLIMEY IS BACK!!! Be still my pulsing proton-pack 😀

The movies director, Paul Feig (of Spy and Bridesmaids fame), tweeted this green-goozy pic the other day confirming the lovable lil’ ghoul’s return!!

Look for ‘Ghostbusters III’ in theaters next summer, the release date is set for July 22, 2016.

– Sarah E!

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