Why It Sucks To Be A Girl In The Summer

Summer in Houston is HOT, duh. We know that, but here’s why it’s no fun to be a girl during the Summer.

1. Doing your hair requires cranking down the AC just so you’re not heat styling in the heat. It’s this or go natural for the Summer.

2. The entire struggle surrounding water, which is an entire list of it’s own, but here’s a few.

– Picking a swimsuit–a swimsuit that’s flattering

– To wear makeup or not wear makeup, that is the question

– Tan, but not too tan

– Hair, get outta my face!

3. Shorts tan, flip flop tan, tank top tan, ALL THE TANS!

4. It took an hour to do your hair and a mere five seconds in the humidity to mess it up.

5. Bugs. Bugs everywhere.

6. It’s hot outside, but cold inside. What do I wear?

7. Boob sweat. GURRRRl! 

8. Heat Rage: It’s literally SO hot, you want nothing to do with anyone until it’s bearable again. Which isn’t until December (MAYBE) and then by then it’s too cold. We cannot win.

We asked you why it sucks to be a girl in Houston during the Summer and here’s what you said! We are so happy to know we’re not alone in this struggle.


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