‘Top Gun’ Sequel FINALLY In The Works

‘Top Gun’ was undoubtedly one of the most iconic films of the ’80’s (especially that volleyball scene), and, believe it or not…film makers have been trying to do a Top Gun II since the original’s release.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, a concept has finally been approved and a screenplay is finally being written…and Tom Cruise is on board to reprise the role of Maverick!

The film is still in it’s inception stage, and all that is known now is that Jerry Bruckheimer is producing, Tom Cruise is Maverick, drones are involved and the movie will focus on the advancement of technology in the military and how pilots are being fazed out in favor of unmanned aircraft.

Click Here to read about the┬áreasons it’s taken so long for a sequel to come together and for more info about the new Top Gun II!

Seriously…28 YEARS to get a Top Gun sequel?? Because no one could agree on a concept? And to think of the almost dozen crap movies Tom has done since then and TG2 was always on the back-burner? I think we could’ve done without Vanilla Sky and Eyes Wide Shut for him to work on a sequel to one of his most top grossing films of his career! but, maybe it’s taken this long to mourn the loss of Goose…Goose was a good dude.

– Sarah E!

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