Kylie Jenner’s Livin’ On Her Own

Think back to when you were 18…moving into your own place, maybe a dorm room and you had your second (or third or fourth) hand furniture, your futon bed (because if you didn’t have a couch…you were still set). The carpet was questionable, and the musty smell of residents past replaced the oh so yummy home cooking smell that you never realized you took for granted until then. You had your laundry quarters jar that also doubled as the late-night drunk munchie fund…you know, the good ol’ days.

Well, that’s certainly not goin’ down at Kylie Jenner’s new digs.

Her 2.7 MILLION dollar new digs!

As is the Kardashian constitution, she shared pics of her new place to her Insta-followers…check out Kylie’s new home to hang her hair extensions in:

Her place is nice and all…but she’ll never know the joy of a 10 for $10 Totino’s pizza cooked on a hot-plate. Just sayin’.

– Sarah E!

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