Lauren’s Lowdown: ‘Little Rascals’ Star Looking HOT; No Charges For Ariana Grande

Lauren Kelly

According to TMZ, Ariana Grande will not be charged with criminal mischief for the whole donut-licking scandal that made headlines last week.

A rep for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department said the owner of Wolfee Donuts does not want to press charges.


Buzzfeed has just come out with a new article on Bug Hall, who you may remember as “Alfalfa” from 1994’s “The Little Rascals”…but he doesn’t look ANYTHING like he used to!

The actor, who is now 30 years old, has been told by adoring fans over at Buzzfeed that he is “lumbersexual,” ‘due to his long full beard and ability to build a cabin with his bare hands.’ LOL

I must say, he looks great…if you’re into that whole long beard thing that’s SO IN these days. Take a look HERE at his Twitter page and let me know what you think!


American Horror Story fans…DID YOU SEE THE 10 second “Hotel” teaser that came out yesterday??

Ok, so it was literally just Lady Gaga’s creepy metal fingers, but it was just enough to make us wanna see more…SO MUCH MORE!

Angela Basset, Matt Bomer, Kathy Bates and Sarah Paulson will also be returning for the new season of “AHS: Hotel” in the fall.


Teen Mom‘ star Farrah Abraham‘s daughter Sophia is getting PAID! Well no, of course she’s not working at only 6 years old, but now she is $600 richer!

Apparently Sophia got quite the nice visit from the Tooth Fairy who left a few hundred dollar bills on her nightstand.

Yes, A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS. FOR TWO TEETH. Just let that sink in for a bit…


JJ Watt is one lucky dude.

He posted a picture yesterday to his Instgram page showing his with actress Jennifer Aniston, and the caption was priceless:

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