Who’s Ready For An Emoji Movie?

After a bidding war between three (3!!) studios, Sony Pictures emerged triumphant, winning a seven (7!!) figure auction for the rights to make a movie based on everyone’s favorite alternate keyboard, the Emoji.

<applause><praise hands><applause>

Seeing as Sony has literally JUST acquired the rights, nothing really at all is known about the movie except it’s writers, Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis (of Lilo & Stitch and Kung Fu Panda), with Leondis directing.


It could be a couple years before any details are released…but man, is my mind spinning with the epic cast this could have 

Not gonna lie, lots of thoughts passed through my head when I saw this story…

First, I was like; ‘What :?’ ?? Are these people serious, like, huh??

Plus, a freaking bidding war too!! 😯 #holycrapitoli

But then I had an 💡 ! I remembered the ‘Mr. Men and Little Miss‘ cartoon from when I was a kid 😛 and how much I ❤ ‘d that show and the books. How cool would it be if that’s kind of how they’re going to do it? Except a 2k reboot to it like a cross between that and South Park…too 😎

So, now needless to say…I am super excited 😀

I wonder who’s going to play the smiling poo emoji ❓

– Sarah E!

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