Kylie Jenner Throws Serious Shade At Tyga…Not Once But Twice!!

For the record, I’m not a fan at all of Kardashian/Jenner stories…but this one was too hilarious to pass up.

Trolling through Instagram yesterday, I stumbled upon this chick’s Instaccount and noticed these two videos showing Kylie seriously dissing her supposed boyfriend, Tyga.

Check it out for yourself:

Notice he hands her the keys…she takes the keys, and instead of giving him the big hug…this girl turns into the arms of her friends and totally away from Tyga! As he’s expecting the hug and some love for the $325,000 gift, he sees her straight up turn her back on him and leave him standing there stunned doing the ‘what the hell just happened’ hat pop. 😯

Now, to the second shade tossed his way and making this dude look like a whiny, thirsty little boy

Dude. Is. BEGGING!!

Looks like Ky-Ky wants to go take her new whip for a spin with Momma Kris and leave Tyga to get the hell on with his own business. She’s got the keys now, so what’s she need him for anymore?

It’s like she’s tossing him a quarter to call the ‘WAHHHHmbulance’ and cry to them about needing to go get it ‘turnt up’! 😆

Moral of the story; Don’t go foolin’ yourself over a girl that’s gonna make you look like a fool.


– Sarah E!

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