#HardKnocks In Ten Tweets

No, I do not have HBO. Forgive me, I’m poor…but I can’t very well be the only Houstonian and Texans fan that couldn’t watch the season premiere!

So, here’s your show in a nutshell, courtesy of the Twitterverse:

In addition to being an awesome coach that stole the show, Bill O’Brien REALLY likes a certain four-letter word, and it’s not Watt…

And people were super amazed that football players cussed so much…

Even our G.G.J.J. (Good Guy Justin James)…


Speaking of J.J., he proves himself to be the super-human all us other human types should aspire to be…

Even his ‘beast mode’ is beastlier than any beast’s best beast mode…

#1000lbs #65times

Vince Wilfork is a the Shaquille O’Neal of football…


DeAngelo Hall of the Redskins¬†¬†learned the meaning of instant karma after running his mouth to DeAndre Hopkins…

Apparently the HK producers need to step up their use of H-town artists for their music layovers…

And finally…The Texans have the BEST fans in the league!

So, if your poor like me, I hope this catches you up so you don’t have an even more vacant look in your eye than usual! J/K!!

And if you are one of those rich folks with HBO and have a viewing party, invite me…I make a killer spinach dip! :)p


– Sarah E!

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