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Last weekend, Mike Epps (who we know from the 1st and 3rd Hangover movies) hit up some girl up on Twitter and asked her if she was on Instagram. She said no, because she, “wasn’t getting the likes I deserve.” So Mike told her to direct message him.

But here’s the deal…Mike’s wife Mechelle was watching the whole convo, so she intercepted by tweeting both of their names with a pair of eyeballs watching them.

Oooooh BURNNN! (seriously Mike?? Did you really think your wife wouldn’t see this?! SMH.)

Apparently Mike got the message quickly, because he BLOCKED the girl he was flirting with. SUUUUUCH a busted dude’s move.

She even posted a screen shot of it and added, quote, “I’m surprised she’s even letting him Tweet to be honest. That’s an automatic one week suspension of internet privileges in my house.” LOL!


Yesterday, a new Gatorade commercial starring JJ Watt hit the web and it might be his funniest yet…




Madonna must’ve been having TOO GOOD a time at her 57th birthday party in the Hamptons over the weekend because had the cops called on her.

Someone allegedly called in a noise complaint at around 2:30 Sunday morning. The cops came, the music was turned down, and they left. But sources say that once they were gone, the volume went back up.

Some people think Madge even called the cops herself to draw attention to the party…thoughts?


Lady Gaga is supposedly threatening to sue a British company that makes human breast milk ice cream for ripping off her name…because it’s called “Royal Baby Gaga.”

The company that makes it, The Licktators, say they actually named it to commemorate the birth of Princess Charlotte, who’s Prince William and Kate Middleton’s second kid.

They add that she doesn’t OWN the word ‘gaga’ . . . because it’s, “a sound that babies commonly make.” The ice cream is made out of human breast milk, vanilla, and lemon.


Katy Perry got a new manicure she showed off on her Instagram account the other day, and it showed the word “bye” written on her middle finger.

She hasn’t commented on the pic, but some sources are wondering if it’s another stab at Taylor Swift or a mention of a new album. Check it out!


Ex Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle will reportedly plead guilty to possession of child pornography, according to multiple news sites.

You may remember about 6 weeks ago when federal authorities raided Jared’s Zionsville, Ind., home on July 7, and several computers were taken.

According to US Weekly, a local tv station says the U.S. Attorney’s Office will hold a press conference about the plea deal and charges against Fogle on Wednesday afternoon.

The raid on Fogle’s home came after Russell Taylor, the former executive director of Fogle’s Jared Foundation, was arrested and sentenced to jail for possessing and producing child pornography.


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