See Some Of The Released Ashley Madison Emails!

Exploding across the internet today, is a wildfire of fear because a cheat-on-your-spouse site called was hacked and some 10 gigabytes (i.e. MASSIVE amount) of data including full names and email addresses was compromised and stolen.

The hackers known as “The Impact Team” had given the website’s operators fair warning to take to disable AshleyMadison and other websites advocating infidelity or they would go after the member’s information and expose them

They didn’t, so the hackers did.

Click Here to see a partial list of the emails!!

Check out some of those domains though! The VATICAN?! Isn’t there a commandment or two about stepping out on your S.O.? Work email addresses?? Bank of America, Boeing…you know what’s fun? googling the people dumb enough to register with their full legal name in their email that’s attached to their company name so you can bring up pics and even Facebook pages of the sleazy, cheating scumbags!

Go ahead, try it, it’s hilarious…I’ve already found several myself!


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