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Remember the whole ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? It had people posting videos of themselves getting drenched in ice water on Facebook, calling out 3 other people to do it, and then making donations to research that actually brought in over $100 million. Well it looks like that money made a HUGE impact…

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University now think they might be on their way to finding a CURE for ALS!

In a study published this month, they said they think they’ve figured out how a protein called TDP-43 might be responsible for the disease. And they were able to do the study because of the Ice Bucket Challenge donations. Basically, the protein clumps up inside the neurons of people with ALS, as well as 45% of people with a type of dementia called FTD, but scientists didn’t know why it mattered.

The new study found that TDP-43 is supposed to prevent cells from using the wrong genetic information to make other proteins.  But it stops working when it clumps together, so the cells malfunction and die.

Now, it could be years before they figure out how to stop that from happening, so this might not help people who are currently suffering from ALS.  And they want people to keep donating, because they’ll need more funding going forward.  But they think this could eventually lead to a treatment, or even a cure. 😀


It looks like Josh Duggar is one of the “victims” of the hack.  According to the website Gawker, Josh spent about $1,000 on two separate accounts between 2013 and May of this year. And we know this because those hackers who busted into the servers at have published what they found.

That means millions of potential adulterers might very well get caught in the act.  And you can find out if YOUR significant other was looking to stray by hitting up one of several searchable databases.

The women he wanted included the following…”stylish / classy”, “muscular / fit body”, “petite”, “creative and adventurous”, “disease free”, “high sex drive”, and “natural breasts.”


Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are separating after 11 years together.  As of now there’s no word on what happened, or if there was a nanny involved. Lol 😉

A source says they’ve been living separate lives for several months now.  Brian is 42, Megan is 29 and they met in 2004 when he appeared on her show “Hope & Faith.

They broke off one engagement before finally getting married in 2010.  They have two sons, 2-year-old Noah and 18-month-old Bodhi.  Brian also has a 13-year-old son named Kassius, from his relationship with Vanessa Marcil.


The owner of the main house featured in the movie “The Goonies” is pretty tired of all the fans who come to check it out.  It’s located in Astoria, Oregon, and it’s Mikey and Brand’s house where Chunk did the Truffle Shuffle.

Well, the current owner has lived there for about a decade, and says over 1,000 people come EVERY DAY to see it, but she’s had enough. She put up blue tarps covering the house, and posted signs demanding that people leave. Boooo!

One says, “Imagine that you buy a house, fix it up, spend money, time, and love, then the city encourages hundreds of thousands of people to come and stand in front and view it. Most are kind, fun and welcome.  But many are not.”

The owner used to welcome guests.  She once made a YouTube video giving a virtual tour of the property, and you can watch that HERE.


Jennifer Aniston officially tied the knot with her longtime fiancé, Justin Theroux, in an intimate backyard ceremony a few weeks ago, and as she is currently doing press for her new film ‘She’s Funny That Way’, Entertainment Weekly reporters naturally tried to get her to spill some deets…

When casually asked about the big day Jen said, “I’m not telling you about any of that stuff! We had the beautiful luxury of having a beautiful, private moment. And I’m going to be selfish and keep it that way.”


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