Has The Summer Of Splits Claimed Another Couple?

It’s been a tough summer for the New England Patriots golden boy QB Tom Brady; NFL suspension, the Deflategate trial, and of course being dragged into Ben Affleck’s baby-sitter cheating scandal because he let the home-wrecking nanny pose wearing his 5 Superbowl rings…and it could get a whole lot worse.

He could be losing his supermodel wife!

Since Gisele’s birthday in July, rumors have ramped up that the couple may not be playing nice anymore…to the extremes of the former supermodel taking meetings with divorce lawyers.

Sources are citing a separate lives type pattern emerge…T&G celebrated their birthdays apart, G not attending the Pats pre-season games (which is highly unusual), tensions between T&G because of Deflategate and T’s super-focus on his career leaves G feeling “left out”.

Those rumors were quick to be quelled by an opposing source that says T&G are “doing great”…

Which is usually 7th sign of the marriage apocalypse 

The source went on to recount a movie date where they walked hand-in-hand and a Del Frisco’s dinner where “They wanted to be tucked away in the back booth. They definitely seemed happy.”

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So, even though they’re kind of a smug and pompous couple; seeing another marriage crumble when kids are involved is just awful.

And no more of her apoplectic outbursts when the Pats lose? A true shame.

On an episode of Kandidly Keshia, she chats with women about life, men and relationships. In the podcast you even get to hear insights from Keshia’s mom who has been married for over 30 years. Maybe some of these celebrity couples could use her advice? Click the picture below to listen.

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