Smash And Grab Heist At Taylor Swift Concert

Elated Swifties leaving Minute Maid and the 1989 World Tour concert last night were greeted by an unwelcome sight as they arrived back at their cars…smashed in windows and stolen property.

HPD reports at least ten vehicles were vandalized last night in several different parking locations on St. Emmanuel, several blocks away from the Juice Box.

The robberies resulted in the loss of personal belongings and in some cases, just broken windows. reports one of the victims, Andrew Moreno, as losing his laptop and school books;¬†“We came to have a good time at the concert, and we got kind of a bad ending to the night, but it happens,” said Andrew Moreno.

Police are still investigating the incidents and do not have any suspects. They are hoping to gather video of the crime from the Kim Hung Grocery store surveillance.


I feel horrible that these people’s private property was vandalized. But, this is kinda why not leaving anything of value visible in the car is a cardinal rule of venue parking. Sucks that people are in fact, criminals, and will steal from you. No, you shouldn’t have to go that extra mile to ensure that someone doesn’t violate your space, but hey, that’s the breaks.

On the brightside, you’re car was still there when you got back to it…because THAT is a real heart-in-the-throat moment…. insurance covers stolen property and you didn’t pay $80 to have your car burglarized(the thefts were in ¬†$20 lots)!

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