Lauren Kelly’s New Match Made In Viral Picture Heaven?

Lauren Kelly


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Seriously…by now I’m sure you’ve seen it. That’s me and my 3 sisters who are all married or engaged, (the last one is getting married THIS Sunday!) and that pic went viral at the beginning of this year. It’s literally followed me around EVERYWHERE, and my friends call me the MOST SINGLE GIRL IN THE WORLD, because…it’s true. lol. Well it WAS true…until today!

There’a a NEW picture going around with a single guy, his bottle of choice (haha), and 3 of his cute-coupled up friends on a camping trip.

Photo Credit: Reddit/Alex Melki

Photo Credit: Reddit/Alex Melki

Obviously I had to do some digging, and sure enough I found him! My new viral-sensation match’s name is Alex, he’s adorable, and he’s from Montreal. After a few exchanges on Twitter assuring him I’m not a stage-five clinger, he offered to talk to myself and Chad Pitt about how HIS viral picture came about after posting it on Reddit.

Credit: Alex Melki Facebook

Credit: Alex Melki Facebook

He was super sweet, gave us the back story on his picture, and even promised that we’d try to make it to the alter before my sister this weekend. (KIDDING) Take a listen to our interview with Alex below, and let us know if you think he’d be a good match for Lauren!

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