Teen Eaten In Texas Haunted House?? Nope, It’s A Hoax

Lauren Kelly

With Halloween less than a week out, haunted houses are at their busiest right now! Ever worried that the zombies and ghouls were actually REAL in those houses? Not gonna lie, that’s why I’m scared to go in them!!

Well over the weekend, an article went viral after people got word that a man had eaten a child in a Texas haunted house.


Now before you completely freak out, I must tell you that this was a HOAX. A really GOOD one though!

According to the Chronicle, “the report appeared from Now8News, a fake news website that models the typical name and interface of TV news station pages. It said that visitors at a Halloween attraction in Austin were initially confounded by the spectacle of a strange-looking man sinking his teeth into the flesh of a screaming teen, but soon descended into horror when they realized it was real. The report said a concealed carrier shot down the cannibal, but the victim died of his wounds.”

But let’s get one thing straight here:


However, I bet that’ll make you think twice before you go in one next time.

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