MAX Talks “Gibberish,” Breaking His Foot…And Dancing With Madonna?

Author: Lauren Kelly

If you haven’t heard of Max Schneider just yet…now is the time to GET TO KNOW HIM!

MAX is in town for a show at the House of Blues tonight, but took some time out of his busy schedule and stopped by the MIX studios to have some fun chatting with Chad Pitt & Lauren Kelly this afternoon.

His new single “Gibberish” is super catchy, but the music video for it is EVERYTHING. (watch below)

Not only is MAX a super talented singer, but he is also a great dancer, he’s done some modeling and even acted alongside the pop queen….MADONNA that is!

Take a listen to Chad and Lauren’s interview below and make sure to FOLLOW MAX for tour updates!

Max Schneider


Photo Credit: Chad Pitt

Photo Credit: Lauren Kelly

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