Houston Chronicle Names Lauren Kelly One Of The “Most Fascinating” Of 2015

Author: Lauren Kelly

Last year, a picture of my sisters and I went viral that showed all of them with their wedding rings and me with, well….champagne.

Seen it? If not, here you go:

That picture has made it’s way all over, including a repost by Ellie Goulding! (she must feel my pain, lol)

The good folks at the Houston Chronicle thought I was worthy enough to be a part of their “Most Fascinating Houstonians of 2015” list, which is super cool!

People still get a kick out of realizing that’s me in the picture, and an even bigger kick of realizing that even a year later: I’m still single.

Viral round TWO anyone? 😉

Check out the Chronicle’s article –> HERE, and see which other Houstonians you know on the list!

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