Dave’s Dining Review: Damian’s Cucina Italian

It was a fairly normal Thursday night here in Houston. My wife and I were headed to a charity event in Midtown with Mahoney, so we decided to go grab some dinner beforehand. We all settled on Italian. I love a good Italian restaurant and we found a place called Damian’s Cucina Italian on google. Saw it had pretty rock solid reviews (4.1 / 5 on 56 reviews). Made a quick reservation via OpenTable and headed down to 3011 Smith St, Houston, TX 77006.

Here’s my bullet points on the experience:

Complimentary valet was RIGHT outside the front door. Very convenient, and they were quick and courteous on the way in and out.

Restaurant decor had a classic feel to it. Romantic lighting. Felt a little dated, but added to the atmosphere. Only complaint here was the tables were too close together.

We were late (oops) for our reservation by about 20 minutes. They didn’t sweat us. In fact, not even that normal “it’s cool, but it’s not cool” attitude. They really didn’t mind.

Service was prompt. Server was attentive and informed, as was the server’s assistant who kept up with all the details.

Food was pretty good. Caprese salad had good mozzarella, but the tomatoes weren’t ripe enough, thus a bit hard. For the entree, I had salmon, which is pictured above (I was trying to eat healthy). It also was pretty good, although a bit heavy on the butter glaze that coated it (defeated the whole “being healthy” idea). The highlight was the lobster bisque soup that my wife had. Just delicious.

Only real gripe was that they charge for refills on soda. It just seemed unnecessary to have an extra $3 charge for another cup of Diet Coke.

Total bill for the 3 of us: Appetizers, wine, soda(s), entrees: $138.75.

Review: 7 out of 10.

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