Late Christmas Gift Excuses

You have 11 days till Christmas and if you haven’t gotten your gifts ordered and shipped yet, chances are you’re going to be LATE!

If you’re not shopping until Christmas Eve or just simply ran out of time, you can use these excuses to survive a late Christmas gift situation.

  1. If you have every gift but one, leave them all behind and say they got left behind in your friends car that got towed from an unclear about parking rules zone. Because of the holiday, they can’t get their car back until next week. This gives you a few days to grab something.

2. If you’re going out of town you can say you had to cut some corners on holiday travel by not packing a checked bag and therefore had to ship your Christmas gifts. Shipping around Christmas is always late and is always terrible. It will get there eventually.

3. You’ve been so busy you  haven’t had time to shop at all. So you just pretend like you have everyone’s gift even though you don’t. Talk about these gifts like you actually bought them, but the crazy shipping delays have left you waiting for them. They’re set to deliver any minute now. Then proceed to look out the window all night as if waiting for them to arrive.

4. You had your gifts shipped, but apparently they got lost in the mail. Looks like you’ll just have to repurchase and send again 😉 😉

5. See the funny thing is, I MADE you a Christmas gift this year, but my damn dog ate it!!! Don’t worry I’ll make it again.

6. Your gift was an E-Gift card and must not have been delivered. Maybe it’s in their spam!

7. Hangout until gift giving time and then leave in a hurry. Answer your phone and say, “WHAT?! OH WELL GEEZE I GUESS ILL GO RIGHT NOW.” The next time you see them, have a gift in hand. 😀

8. You can say you spend so much time at work, you totally mixed up addresses and had your gift shipped to your company and now the building is closed and you have to wait until Monday.

9. You kinda went a little crazy and bought them a puppy, then realized that was a TERRIBLE idea so you’re going to get them something else. All they will hear is you originally bought them a puppy. They won’t mind that their gift is late.

10. What? Christmas?!! I’m not celebrating that this year. A few days later, let them know you had a change of heart and got them a gift.

Hopefully you don’t have to use any of these terrible ideas, but if you do I hope they work for you!



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