Best Memes of 2015

Pizza Rat:

A video on YouTube blew up after footage of a rat hauling a pizza slice out of a subway in New York surfaced. The meme even inspired a “sexy” Halloween costume.

“Hotline Bling:” 

Drake’s dancing in “Hotline Bling” sent the internet into a meme creating frenzy. There are so many hilarious memes from that video that we just have to share more than one.

Steve Harvey:

After crowning the wrong girl as Miss Universe, this meme started popping up everywhere.

Shia Labeouf “Do It:”

Shia Labeouf had some interesting art projects this year, from watching himself in all of his movies for 3 days straight while live broadcasting the whole thing, to inviting fans to call him and touch his soul. Among these projects, he also stood in front of a green screen and yelled “JUST DO IT!!” repeatedly in an attempt to motivate people to get their life together. Instead, the internet made memes.

Left Shark:

Katy Perry’s Superbowl performance turned out to be meme worthy after one of her backup dancers was a shark. The left shark was dancing to its own beat and became an internet senesation overnight.


A video of a man asking a police officer “what are those” while pointing at his shoes got remixed over millions of different scenarios. This is the original followed by a few remakes.

Netflix And Chill:

First used in 2014 when an image of a Netflix and Chill starter pack was tweeted and went viral. The term was added to Urban Dictionary in April 2015, since then the term has as been used more than 430,000 times on Twitter during the span of July 22nd – August 21st, 2015 according to Yahoo News.


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