Your Horoscope For 2016

Check your horoscope for 2016 because it looks like this will be a very busy and productive year for everyone! Happy new year!


According to Astrology.Com, 2016 will be a year of self-discovery and success in the workplace! “Jupiter is in the house of the workplace and in this position gives you a sense of purpose, better working conditions, or possibly a new job with increased salary. Since this house is also connected to your health, Jupiter brings you more vitality and physical strength.”
This is the year your hard work and dedication will pay off and may end up with a salary increase, dream job or meeting that special someone you’ve been waiting for.


Your inner bad boy/girl will surface in 2016 and though it might make for new adventures and hookups, 2016 is all about expanding your capacity for love. If commitment is what you have been waiting for this might just be the year it happens.  Astrology.Com says you’ll also be dealing with deeper issues.  “It’s true that our belief system rules our lives, and for you with Uranus in the Twelfth House, you are in for an upheaval or reversal in what you believe, as both philosophical and religious ideologies are up for change. With Pluto in the Ninth, some of you may be returning to school, or taking extra academic classes. When these two heavy-hitters, agents of change are in the mix. You are not only ready for change but celebrating it.”


2016 is a creative year for Gemini. NY Daily News says you should work in a team environment or with people who help you shine in order to gain the recognition you’ve been waiting for. “Someone may step in to offer financial support, but be careful — ensure no secrets are involved.” Be careful of who you trust this year and be ready to part ways with anyone that is not a positive asset to your life. Astrology.Com says you will achieve inner peace in 2016 by doing so. “You want your way this year and will use any means to achieve that end. With Neptune holding tight to your Tenth House you have decided that your career must have more personal meaning, and look for more authenticity in all areas of your life.”


This is a year of excitement, passion and romance! “If single, a chance meeting may take you by surprise and capture your heart. But be prepared to give and take — remember that all relationships take work. In existing partnerships, you can finally deal with issues that have been lying dormant and cast them aside to rediscover the soul connection that originally drew you together.” If you’re in a relationship, this year will also bring greater comfort and security. NY Daily News stresses the importance of  prioritising your goals for the year. “Your challenge is to look after your personal well-being and get enough sleep to keep stress levels in check. Your key to success in 2016 is to hone in on priorities; make up your mind to achieve your goals and go after them with a laser-sharp” focus.


2016 is the perfect year to reinvent yourself. Your year will be filled with creative and financial wellness. Astrology.Com says Saturn will be nudging you in the direction of commitment or improving your job performance, but none the less keep a watch on your finances. “Overall, you couldn’t ask for a better year to expand on both your emotional happiness and your financial future.”


This will be a year of love and relationships for Virgo. If you’re in a relationship, this is the perfect time to make a long term commitment. If you’re in a relationships you have doubts of, this is also the perfect time to consider cutting them loose. If you are single, your perfect match is most likely just around the corner! “Examine your self-talk — what you say to yourself — and eliminate doubt and self-criticism. Your challenge for 2016 is to resolve the past and open up to all life has to offer. Your key to success is to believe in your worthiness and ability; don’t settle for less!”


2016 will be a year of “waking up old dreams, forgotten talents, and stirring new ambition.” This year you will focus on self confidence and building yourself up. If you can achieve this, it will benefit your personal and professional life. “Jupiter in Libra opens the door to the good life, and lightens up your personal life as well as your relationships — both personal and professional. This cosmic gift giver is increasing your self-confidence, your sex appeal, and your charm… and it shows, Libra. You’re magnetic this year.”


NY Daily News reports Scorpio will have a pretty passionate year.  “Love is both passionate and romantic in 2016! You can have an electric connection with someone with whom you resonate with on every level — intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Whether you are single or in a relationship, there is a new start in this area of your life that can lead to greater depth, intimacy and fulfillment — a relationship of substance.” However, there is also a chance you will have to stand up for yourself and who you are. Once you take control of those situations everything will fall in place.”Your challenge this year is to let go of things you cannot change. The secret to your success is to look within yourself for answers, rather than trying to find them through other people.”


The challenge for Sagittarius this year is to work hard to improve your life. 2016 will be successful if you pace yourself and work hard to reach your goals. They are attainable if you work hard at them in 2016. “This is a year to both honor your independent spirit as well as to build security. The fortunate and lucky influence of Jupiter, your ruling planet in your solar tenth house of career, indicates business opportunities that can enhance your professional status. Some of you may even decide to reinvent yourself during this time — certainly, openings are available to progress or expand your business and professional profile.”


2016 will be a year of soul searching for Capricorn. “Get ready to step into a new reality! After a lot of soul searching, your life can transform this year, with hard work and long hours being replaced by excitement and anticipation about what comes next. The abundant influence of Jupiter, planet of growth and wisdom, helps to expand your personal vision. When this fortunate planet moves to your career zone in September, your professional life gets a surge of energy and can take off, big-time. The period leading up to this is, in many ways, one of preparation to renovate and revitalize your life.”


Your life will benefit from partnering with positively influential people this year. Broaden your horizons and make new connections in 2016. You will find more success at work and in relationships by doing so. 2016 is also a great year for Aquarius to travel. Maybe there’s a business opportunity you’ve been waiting for abroad or maybe you’ve always wanted to go on a mission trip. This is the year to do so according to NY Daily News. “Your challenge in 2016 is to balance study and expansion of knowledge, with putting that skill into action. The key to your success is to recognize the breadth of your talents and not be shy about self-promotion.”


2016 will be a year of financial upgrade for pisces! Utilize your connections and teamwork to make this year a successful one. “Think big and expect the best, your optimism pays off this year! Powerful eclipse energy shines a bright light on your overall life path as well as your relationships. Get ready to discard anything that is not working now to make room for better situations. Stay positive — life can come through for you in 2016.” This is the time to realize your true talents and potential. “The key to success is to realize who you truly are, what you have to offer, and step up to make your dreams a reality. ”

For more on your astrological sign you can read your whole horoscope at NYDailyNews.Com or Astrology.Com


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