The Playboy Mansion Is About To Be Up For Sale

Author: Lauren Kelly

According to multiple media outlets, the infamous Playboy Mansion is about to be up for sale!

The mansion, that was built in 1927, will hit the market next month and Playboy Enterprises is going to be asking for upwards of $200 million.

Ummm, $200 millions dollars?! Does it come with an entire CLEANING CREW to clean that place from head to toe?!

TMZ claimes that their real estate sources with knowledge of the area say “The owners are dreaming when it comes to price. They say the reality is … the house is a tear-down and the real value is the acreage and that a comparable lot sold recently in the area for $60 mil, but the sources say because of its history the Mansion could go for anywhere between $80 mil and $90 million. They believe the people at Playboy Enterprises will come back down to reality and list the estate at a realistic number.”

Now before you think of making this purchase there are also a few catches that would come with it. TMZ added: whoever buys the house will be required to give Hugh Hefner a life estate, meaning he can continue to live in the mansion until he dies. Also, prospective buyers can tour the property…minus of course- Hugh Hefner’s bedroom.


(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Playboy)

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