Check Out Zendaya’s New Theatrical ‘Neverland’ Video

By Amanda Wicks

Teenage role model and singer Zendaya released the music video for her song “Neverland” from Finding Neverland‘s album companion today (Jan. 25). Drawing upon the Broadway play’s theatrical setting, the video includes none other than Heisenberg himself, Bryan Cranston, and Dancing with the Stars‘ Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

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The nearly 8-minute video has more in common with a short film, what with Cranston appearing in an extended narrative introduction. Playing a mysterious man crossed between Dapper Dan and a theater impresario, he helps Zendaya realize her dreams.

When she discovers the backstage door to the theater is locked, Cranston appears to help her gain entry. “The stage awaits,” he tells her, upon which the door suddenly opens.

Dressed all in black, Zendaya sings “Neverland” while standing onstage in an empty theater amid dancers who twirl around her. At the chorus, Chmerkovskiy arrives to lead her in a couples dance.

Once the song fades out, Cranston reappears, applauding her performance. “They say that in order to succeed in this business, you need a hook,” he says, holding up an umbrella.

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