Name one thing you hate about each one of your coworkers.

Mahoney is too lazy. DK┬áhas “feelings” – whatever those are. Jered’s stupid mustache pisses me off.

What’s the scariest thing that has happened to you?

Was riding with one of my friends in college. He wasn’t paying attention and side-swiped a COP while driving and TOOK OFF. Terrifying.

If you could change anything about your childhood, what would it be and why?

I really wish I had listened to my parents and learned a musical instrument. My Mom is a piano teacher for god’s sake. Totally missed that boat.

Have you ever cheated on any significant other?

Yep. Learned that hard lesson. Being cheated on sucks, and so does cheating on someone.

Dave who you voting for in the primaries??

Don’t care about politics enough to vote in the primaries.

Have you ever or would you ever wear women’s underwear? Would you enjoy it?

Have I? No. Would I…well now you got me all kinds of curious.

Ever do anything illegal?

Yep. All the time. Been arrested twice.

Dave, have you ever THOUGHT about cheating on your wife? If yes, with who? If no, are you lying?

No. And yes. (I think everyone thinks about it)

What is something about the radio business that normal people probably don’t know about?

That it’s a tough business. A lot of people want to just walk in the door and make a lot of money. There is a ton of money in radio, but it takes years of paying your dues in order to get your hands on it. In my experience, you have to really love radio to be successful in radio.

Dave, who is the worst celebrity you’ve ever met? And why?

Jon Lovitz sucked. Just a dis interested jerk on air.

Would you cheat on your wife with demi lovato?

No. She’s attractive, but not really my type.

No. 1 marriage advice

Always ask yourself, ‘how can I make her day better’ not ‘how is she making my day better?!’ Having a humble and serving attitude goes a long way.

Do you pee in that shower?

Have I? Yes. Regularly? No.

Do you continue to look for a new job even though you already have one?

Not actively, but I’m always looking for interesting opportunities

Dave – Ever placed a sports bet on a game that you were calling?

Not really. Placed plenty of bets on UFC fights that I was doing a pre-show of though.

Do you or would you man scape?


How much heat are you packing downstairs? That was a penis question in case you missed that.

Not enough. At least for me, it never seems like it’s enough.

Would YOU let your wife sleep with someone for money?


Here Is The Segment That Happened ON AIR:


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