The Best Reactions to Not Getting Radiohead Tickets

By Amanda Wicks

Radiohead will be setting out on a world tour this summer, which includes two U.S. stops in New York and Los Angeles. Tickets for those shows went on sale today (March 18th), but sold out in mere minutes.

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Thom Yorke tweeted his displeasure at fans’ experience, saying he was as pissed off as they were.

Beyond selling out quickly, the ticketing service put several measures in place that only served to frustrate those waiting to buy tickets. Whether waiting in a virtual “line” for the next available spot to get ticketsa spot that never came thanks to refreshing erroror asking buyers to answer tricky picture-based captchas to prove they were a person and not a bot, it wasn’t easy to get through to the actual purchasing stage.

It turns out, things didn’t fare much better in the UK. Those attempting to purchase tickets to one of Radiohead’s three shows in London reported that tickets were gone in a mere 20 minutes (via The Guardian). Fans’ complaints echoed what many had experienced in the U.S.

Besides Yorke, several Twitter users shared their terrible experiences trying and failing to get Radiohead tickets, here are some best expressions of frustration.

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