Lauren KellyBy Lauren Kelly

Aside from being one of the greatest football players of all time, JJ Watt celebrates his 27th birthday today!

And just like the proud wannabe girlfriend fan I am, here are 27 fun facts you may not have already known about #99!

1.) JJ wasn’t always going to be a football player.

Sighhhh, WHAT?! Sorry FB fans, JJ grew up in Wisconsin playing hockey, attending University of Wisconsin games, and competing on local travel teams. He said, “Growing up in Wisconsin, a big hockey state, I started skating when I was 3 years old. I played all over. The hockey community [in Wisconsin] is great. It’s very tight-knit. It’s a lot of fun. You have to be tough to play hockey. You have to work hard, and I think that’s why I was drawn to it.” He stopped playing when he was 13 though, and here we are.

2.) JJ has been on episodes of “New Girl” and “The League

He had a pretty funny cameo in the FOX series ‘New Girl‘ which ran last March. Take a look >>> HERE

JJ also had a cameo in FX’s “The League” last February…catch that one >>> HERE

3.) He’s pretty open about his celeb crush being  Jennifer Aniston. He even got a pic with her:

4.) He’s only the second player to win three defensive player of the year awards

I was a 2-star recruit coming out and now I have three Defensive Player of the Year awards,” Watt said after accepting the award. “So … screw all of you guys for doubting me.” Watt joined former New York Giants pass rusher Lawrence Taylor as the only players ever to win three DPOY awards.

5.) He’s fairly new to Snapchat, but his snap stories are KILLING IT. Trust me, you’ll wanna follow him. “UPDATE!”

6.) He’s the only player in NFL history to have 20 or more sacks.

Even Houston rapper Bun B knows what’s up.

7.) JJ actually stands for Justin James.

But we aren’t amateurs, so I’m sure you already knew that. 😉

8.) JJ’s mom runs his charity, The JJ Watt Foundation

Connie Watt was the vice president of a building inspection company when JJ was little, but has since taken over as the main person in charge of the JJ Watt Foundation.

9.) One his favorite restaurants Killens BBQ in Pearland

…and there is nothing to disagree with on this one. Owner Ronnie Killen and his crew even have a back room for JJ to come in and eat!

10.) Once a year, he takes his best friends on vacation

11.) He has his own beer

12.) He was rumored to have been dating tennis player Caroline Wozniacki

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

13.) He throws passes to kids before every game

14.) He once Googled “what do rich people buy”

It was right after he struck his $100 million contract with the Texans. It’s a totally legit question though…we’d do the same thing!

15.) He got locked out of his house

JJ spends his offseason at a beautiful cabin in Wisconsin, and there is also a gym in the barn of this cabin. In one of the funniest Snapchat stories I’ve seen, JJ manages to social media his way into getting back in. Watch the videos >>> HERE

16. He recently helped someone ask their date to prom

Watt said Kyle in Houston reached out to him asking if he would help him ask his longtime crush to prom. Kyle and Diana go to Ridge Point Highschool in Missouri City. JJ being the sweetheart that he is, of course, said YES! Watch the cuteness overload >>> HERE

17.) He was a two star recruit and played tight end in college

18.) JJ scored five touch downs in 2014 (three touchdown catches one fumble return and one interception return)

Most offensive players don’t even get to score as many touchdowns sometimes!

19.) He’s known for going to bed early and loves taking naps

As we all got to see on HBO’s “Hardknocks,” JJ put his own bed in the Texans equipment room so that he can take naps during training.

20.) He works out twice a day

How else do you think he got those abs?! #swoon

21.) He was once on an MTV reality show 

It was back in 2009 for an MTV series “College Life” and JJ appeared in 4 of the episodes.

22.) JJ Watt can do a vertical jump of more than 5 feet

23.) He looks SUPER HOT in a cowboy hat

24.) JJ got boo’ed when he was first drafted by the Texans.

And for this…we all apologize. Please forgive us.

25.) He’s become pretty good friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger

26.) Lil John wrote a song about him! Well, sort of.

So you’re telling me that the real name of the song ISN’T called ‘Turn Down For WATT‘??

27.) We sure are proud to call him one of our own!

Happy birthday JJ!


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