We All Use Emojis, But There’s One That Could Land You In Jail

Texting is a way of life now. However there’s nothing I love more in communicating than being able to use an Emoji rather than typing an entire sentence. (Maybe that’s the lazy American in me?)

With a never ending amount of ways to express ourselves in mobile communications, there’s one emoji you might want to stay clear of…..especially if sent to someone whom which you’re not on good terms with!

Anyone with common sense would know that an act like this could send the wrong message and even send someone in a panic. However, in this case of a man in France sending his ex-girlfriend a text, it landed him in jail!

From The Telegraph:

“A 22-year old Frenchman has been sentenced to three months in prison for texting his ex-girlfriend an emoji in the form of a pistol, in the first such ruling of its kind in France.

The court in Valence in the southern Drôme département ruled that the gun-shaped character at the end of a mobile phone text message constituted a “death threat in the form of an image”, and handed the accused a six-month sentence, with three suspended.”

Now granted, there’s no laws in effect in the U.S. that could punish one for doing such a thing. However you might just want to stick with the broken heart emoji!


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