Your Shot To Win $1000 Every Hour On MIX 96.5 Starts This Monday!

We have NO SHAME and we’re not above bribing you to listen to Mix 96.5 by offering up your shot at $1000 ten times a day, M-F! So the CASH OUT contest is back starting on April 4th! Tune in to Mix 96.5 for your shot at ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS 10x every weekday starting at 8:20am with The Dave, Mahoney & DK Morning Show through 5:20pm. Listen for the keyword EVERY HOUR on the :20’s, then just text the keyword to 80787 or enter it online HERE for your shot to win!

Again, text the keyword to 80787. It’s Cash Out with MIX part of our Spring National Contest! Click here for RULES

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