What To Get Your Mom For Mother’s Day When You’re Broke

Everyday is technically Mother’s Day. We rely on our mothers for everything, from the minute they bring us into the world up until we’re grown adults needing comfort when we come down with the flu!

As kids, Mother’s Day was an easy task. If Dad didn’t come to the rescue on helping you purchase your mother a nice gift, you had the option of coloring a picture. Not exactly the ideal gift to give Mama as an adult, however.¬†Of course flowers are a go to for Mother’s Day, but that can be costly. Especially if you go for the roses. Spa gift cards are another great gift that can break the bank. So what to do?


Greeting Card I’d like to eliminate this off the bat. It’s a given you should get your Mom a card! Especially since they’re only .99 cents now a days. But it’s the easiest option for the broke college student.

Do The Dishes There’s no way we can add up the amount of times our mothers have cooked and cleaned for us. Though not all of us can return the favor of cooking a nice dinner, we can at least handle washing the dishes. Which will also lead us to…..

Household Chores Mothers spend too much time cleaning up after messes they didn’t make. So stop making messes to start, and give her a ‘coupon book’ for household chores whenever she needs a break. Dusting, vacuuming, and even washing the floors. I’d reccomend also throwing in one ‘full house cleaning’ coupon in there, but not more than that. It’s a tough job!

Alone Time This depends solely on your mothers daily routine. If she’s still looking after younger siblings, take the little brothers & sisters out for a day and leave mom to relax in peace & quiet.

Pinterest Something¬†This is the adult version of coloring a picture. Go on Pinterest for easy to make arts & crafts out of household items. Something that might mean a little more since you made if with your time & creativity. (Rather than copping out on the Starbuck’s gift card)

If nothing here seems to be the right gift for your Mother, just listen to Mix 96.5 all this week for gift cards to Shari’s Berries along with a qualification for a Florida vacation! That could make you the greatest child in the world this Mother’s Day.

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