UBER Shut Down Operations In Austin Is Houston Next?

As of 8a Monday, Uber and Lyft suspended services in Austin after the city voted against Prop 1.

According to KXAN the final numbers show 39,083 for Prop 1 and 49,159 against it.

The proposition would have overturned the city’s ordinance requiring drivers to undergo fingerprinting as part of a background check.

Uber and Lyft claim the fingerprint-based background checks put an “unnecessary burden” on drivers and harm their business model.

The two ridesharing companies will still operate within Austin suburbs, but not within the city limits.

“If you live in Round Rock and need a ride to Austin Bergstrom International Airport, Uber and Lyft, will still pick you up and drop you off at ABIA. However, if you land at ABIA and need a ride, you’ll need to find another transportation option besides Uber and Lyft.”

Houston is possibly next on the list for the same reasons. Although, Lyft left Houston almost 3 years ago.

I will be sad to see Uber go I hope they can reach an agreement. Is it fair to require drivers to fingerprint? Or should Houston allow Uber to skip the process and stay in the city?

Here’s what some are saying:

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