Fan Face-Swaps Harry Styles; Tricks People Into Thinking This Is His New Haircut

Lauren Kelly

They say that a good haircut can transform you into a new person, and in a lot of cases it’s TRUE!

Harry Styles of One Direction has been letting his hair grow out for quite some time now, but just recently chopped it all off. We know this because just three days ago, he posted a picture to his Instagram of his long pony tail in his hand with the caption, “Whoops.

However…according to E! News, all the pics we’ve seen online so far ARE FAKE:

‘One teen from Yorkshire England tricked a few people into thinking he’d received the first photo of Style’s new hairstyle. “Harry looks cool now he cut his hair,” Ellis Lacy tweeted Saturday, sharing Styles’ photo with a Snapchat photo. Lacy also shared a video using the same filter, saying, “Hi, everyone. It’s Harry. Thanks, everyone, for liking my new haircut. Thanks, Ellis Lacy, for getting my photo out there.”

But it was bogus. Not the real thing. (even though it would be a great style for Harry!)

Kids these days and their crazy Snapchats. Hahaha!

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