New iPhone App Offers Incentives For Losing Weight

Genius. Pure genius I say.

We all have our own reasons for getting into better shape. Whether it’s to look great in that summer swimsuit or to be in better health, sometimes the goal we set for ourselves isn’t enough to push us. But what if…..there was a way to win prizes and money for losing weight?

Well it’s becoming a reality to people in Britain. According to Reuters, a new app will launch tomorrow in the U.K. called ‘Sweatcoin‘.

The way it works is, for every 1,000 steps you take, you earn one sweatcoin. Over time, you can trade in your coins for rewards or even money! Though the money part doesn’t exactly seem to be clarified yet.

Apparently it will be a free app as well. I can only imagine that it could take off with the popularity of ‘Fitbit’ and other fitness tracking devices. I track my own daily activity level and I’m not even trying to lose weight! But if I could win a free Go Pro or something, I’d start walking to work every day!

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