This Video Shows You What It’s Like To Ride The Tallest & Fastest Roller Coaster In The U.S.

I find it quite amazing how most people I know have the biggest fear of Spiders. To the point where if a tiny little 8 legged critter goes crawling across the wall, people lose their minds and run out of the room!

Spiders don’t scare me. But there’s one thing is this world that turns my stomach upside down and makes my heart pound out of my chest. That would be my fear of heights!

I didn’t gain the courage to ride a roller coaster until I was 20 years old. Some small coasters don’t bother me too much, but it’s the rides at amusement parks with the insanely high drops that I will never be able to do. (BTW, same applies to sky diving and bungee jumping. Makes me go NOOOOOPPPPPPPE!)

Cue this YouTube video just released last week giving people a POV (point of view) glimpse at the new ‘Valravn‘ roller coaster at Cedar Point Amusement Park┬áin Ohio. This coaster claims to be the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in the world.

It might be tough to really see how scary a ride truly can be from a video, but that first drop off made my stomach drop!


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