Meet Mix 96.5’s New Mascot, JoJo The Pomeranian!

Sometimes in the hallways of the Mix 96.5 studios you’ll see random celebrities like musicians and athletes. But on special days, you’ll see the newest member of the Mix 96.5 team.

Meet JoJo! He’s a 5 year old Pomeranian who just started working for Mix 96.5. He’s not like any other dog however. Though he’s one of the cutest breeds around, he’s very different from celebrity poms like Jiff and Boo.


JoJo (full name Joseph) suffers from a rare brain condition called Meningoencephalitis. It’s a inflammatory disease that affects certain parts of his brain. Though this doesn’t stop him from being a happy little doggy!

As a result of the disease he’s a little wobbly and has some balance issues. He also has a slightly crooked head as well. But that only adds to his personality!

For the most part, JoJo just loves to cuddle! He will usually lay in the laps of people working here at Mix 96.5. Or sometimes he’ll sneak into the studio to play Colbie Caillat & Taylor Swift, two of his favorite artists!

He’s also a big Houston Texans fan too as you can tell from his favorite jersey. You can follow JoJo on Instagram and see his journey as a handicapped puppy living it up in Houston!

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