#HoustonLove In Action: Iris Spreads The Love

This is a perfect example of #HoustonLove in action. Iris, thanks for sharing the story, we look forward to having you at the #HoustonLove Affair with Johnny Rzeznik on 6/13. If you want to join us at the party like Iris, get out and spread the love, and let us know about it!

Here’s the post that Iris put up this past weekend:

Spreading #HoustonLoveby picking up a Bicycle Nomad Hitchhiker on the way to Austin. He biked all the way from Galveston to La Grange Texas where he waited at Weikel’s Backery. He was holding a sign that said “To Austin” and I convinced my mom to give him a ride with us in order to show #HoustonLove in the spirit of #mix965houston His family is from Clearlake and my mom and I are from Southwest Houston so our car was full of A LOT of #HoustonLove. My name is Iris and I would love to go to the #HoustonLove Affair Concert with Johnny Rzeznik because obviously IRIS is one of my favorite songs so I’m a fan of the Goo Goo Dolls. I love this#HoustonLove concept because spreading love and kindness is my favorite way to live 💖✌🏼️🙏🏼


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