[WATCH] JJ Watt’s New “Hunt Greatness” Reebok Commercial

Author: Lauren Kelly

I’m sure by now you’ve seen or heard JJ Watt use the phrase “Hunt Greatness,” right? Those two words alone have very powerful meaning, literally telling us to go after the greatness you’ve been searching for. It’s motivating. It moves you. And it makes you want to literally, hunt greatness.

In a new commercial for Reebok, JJ lets everyone know about HIS journey to hunt greatness. And as you can imagine, pushing himself to the limit everyday is where it begins.

The description for the video reads, “JJ Watt hunts greatness. And every game, every practice, every training session is another chance to capture it – pushing himself to the limit to achieve his very best. JJ’s ready. You’re ready. And this summer, the hunt begins.”

Dang. I need to go work on my tire flips. 😉

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