[VIDEO] JJ Watt Had A Pretty EPIC Weekend

Author: Lauren Kelly

I’m assuming if you were to ever make plans with JJ Watt, you’d probabably have a hard time keeping up with his schedule!

This past Saturday night, fans got a surprise at the Jimmy Buffett in the Woodlands when JJ came on stage (with margarita in hand!) and played the bongos for “Margaritaville.” But that’s not where the night ended…somehow he then made it all the way back across town to hop on the side of the stage at Free Press Summer Fest for Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz‘ set.

And I thought I had a crazy schedule! Take a look at these pics below from JJ’s Snapchat and Instagram and let’s all be thoroughly jealous of his Saturday night.

But can we also just say: good taste in music JJ!

Photo Credit: JJ Watt Snapchat

Photo Credit: JJ Watt Snapchat

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