5 Sweet Treats Besides Gummy Bears To Mix With Alcohol This Summer!

There is no better way to cool off this summer in Texas than by doing it the adult way, with a fresh and delicious cocktail. The truth is, the triple digit temperatures are right around the corner and a nice mixed drink might be the perfect idea to make this summer more bearable.

A lot of people are not into strong drinks but don’t know that you can take a nice cocktail and give it a sweet twist by mixing it with your favorite candies and fruit. Some have only heard about gummy bears and vodka, well, we are about to change that!

Check out the Top 5 things besides gummy bears to soak in alcohol:

1. Pineapple and Malibu
How about some fresh pineapple chunks with a twist?

2. Twizzlers and Vodka
Enjoy your favorite strawberry treats with an edge!

3. Sourpatch Kids and Vodka

First they are sour, then sweet, then buzzin’!

4. Watermelon and Tequila

An overnight treat for your summertime gatherings!

5. Apple Slices and Fireball Whiskey

That is some hard apple juice, or something like that!

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