Science Has Determined The Only Way You’ll Stick To Your Workout Routine

How badly do you want to get the body of your dreams? One’s desire to be fit might be all the motivation you’ll need, but while most of us try our hardest to get in shape, something always gets in the way of our workouts.

But not now, thanks to science!

In a recent study, people were instructed to get 7,000 steps in every day for six months. They were then rewarded with $1.40/day for every day they hit their goal. However, if they failed to meet the required 7,000 steps, they were charged $1.40! It’s the result of a behavioral economic theory called loss aversion, in which your brain is hardwired to avoid any sort of loss at all costs. The subjects of the study showed a fifty percent increase in executing their workouts when faced with a charge for doing so, more than receiving money for a job well done.

So there you have it. All you have to do is either be rewarded with money or face the possibility of losing money by completing your workouts. Now, how do we execute this? Simple. A new app called Pact. 

The way it works is, you set a dollar amount of what you’re willing to pay out if you don’t complete your workouts. Then you track your exercise through the app. If you complete it, you’ll make the money from others who don’t finish theirs. Simple as that!

Grab the app, hit the gym, and finally get some results (and maybe cash with it!)

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