Do Short Workouts Really Work? Yes.

Almost everyone that I’ve ever met HATES going to the gym for extended periods of time. Especially to do cardio. But is it really necessary to lose weight?

According to a new study, no. It’s not. Here’s the findings from a recent study done at McMaster University:

Researchers at McMaster University compared sprint interval training (SIT) with moderate intensity continuous training (MICT).

Participants in the SIT group had a 10 minute workout, including three 20-second ‘all-out’ cycle sprints.

In the MICT workout, participants performed for a total of 50 minutes.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the team found that the two training methods produced similar results.

Current guidelines recommend a person exercise for 150 minutes per week at a moderate intensity.

The new study suggests a total time commitment of 30 minutes per week is equally effective, with just three minutes of intense exercise overall.

So, when you hear the hype about high intensity interval training, it may be something worth paying attention to, especially if you have a busy schedule

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