Kim Kardashian Facing Legal Action For Recording Taylor’s Call?

Lauren Kelly

This whole #TAYLORGATE fiasco has gotten out of control!

If you haven’t caught up on all the drama that’s gone down over the last 24 hours between Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Kanye West…let me catch you up REAL QUICK:

Kim posted a bunch of videos on her Snapchat yesterday showing Kanye on speaker phone with Taylor as they were discussing controversial lyrics to a song of his called “Famous.” The lyric discussed went, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.” And believe it or not, Taylor ok’d the lyric for the song, even calling it a “compliment.”

According to US Weekly, Taylor released a statement via Instagram today blasting the couple for “character assassination” and insisted that she wasn’t warned about a separate lyric, in which West refers to her as “that bitch.” Check this out:

US Weekly goes on to say: The videos that Kardashian shared on Snapchat on Sunday night were allegedly filmed earlier this year in a California recording studio, which puts the incident under the state’s penal law. Criminal defense attorney Paul J. Cambria tells Us that the Golden State has a “two consent rule,” whereby both parties involved in a conversation must give consent to be recorded as long as one of the parties is in California. “If you violate it, it’s a felony,” he adds. “The mere act of recording it is the commission of the crime,” Cambria continues. “You don’t have to publish it. The mere act of recording it is the crime here.”

The legal expert noted that it is up to authorities to examine the facts to determine if they can prosecute should legal action be taken by Swift.

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