[WATCH] Lauren Kelly Drinks Wine; Snapchats During ‘The Bachelorette’

Lauren Kelly

This may sound a little crazy, but I was inspired by ‘Bachelorette‘ contestant Wells Adams to drink a bunch of wine and Snapchat while watching the show last night. If you don’t follow Wells, let me fill you in: He’s been getting drunk, watching the show, and making fun of his friends the contestants left who are vying for JoJo‘s love. Brilliant.

And since everyone already equates ‘Bachelorette‘ with wine, I thought…let’s give this a try. It will probably help the 2-hour show move a little faster anyways. (kill time during commercial breaks with refills, yeah!)

So in the confines of my sister and brother-in-law’s house, I decided to pick up some wine, proceed to drink a lot of it, and Snap during last night’s episode. Heyyyyy Wine and Snap! Is that like ‘Legally Blonde‘s Bend and Snap?? Not really, but I just wanted a way to reference the movie, lol.

Anyways, I saved the Snaps so I could share them with you all. I even got a tweet back from the official ‘BacheloretteTwitter page complimenting by wine of choice! (mainly because it had a rose on the bottle) I’m also wondering if my tipsy-tweets may deter them from picking me to be on the next season…which if you’re wondering…I still haven’t heard anything back about that yet. I’m sure they think I’m crazy by now, haha.


And lastly, I’m thinking I need to do this one more time during next week’s finale. But for sure I’ll need to wear a fancy ball gown and have champagne. 😉 #SOCLASSY

Lauren Kelly Snap

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