Houston Blogger Kelsey Wells: Throw Your Scale Away

Have you ever stepped on the scale, after sticking to your diet plan and exercising, and been massively disappointed? The number never seems to move when you want it to…at least not in the right direction.

One Houston blogger, Kelsey Wells, says it’s time to stop living and dying by the number on that scale. In fact, she says, putting on some extra weight can be a really GOOD thing for you, but it’s hard to focus on your health when your goal is to reach a number that may not be that attainable. Here’s a pic she posted on her instagram.

SCREW THE SCALE || I figured it was time for a friendly, yet firm reminder.đŸ¤— YOU GUYS. PLEASEEEEEE STOP GETTING HUNG UP ON THE NUMBER ON THE STUPID SCALE! PLEASE STOP THINKING YOUR WEIGHT EQUALS YOUR PROGRESS AND FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING PLEASE STOP LETTING YOUR WEIGHT HAVE ANY AFFECT WHATSOEVER ON YOUR SELF ESTEEM, like I used to. To any of you who are where I once was, please listen to me. I am 5′ 7″ and weigh 140 lbs. When I first started #bbg I was 8 weeks post partum and 145 lbs. I weighed 130 before getting pregnant, so based on nothing besides my own warped perception, I decided my “goal weight” should be 122 and to fit into my skinniest jeans. Well after a few months of BBG and breastfeeding, I HIT IT and I fit into those size 0 jeans. Well guess what? I HAVE GAINED 18 POUNDS SINCE THEN.

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